World Class Subspecialized Interventional Headache and Pain Management institute located close to home in Beverly Hills, CA

Benjamin Taimoorazy, MD renowned Headache and Pain Management Subspecialist now calls Beverly Hills home, bringing Twenty years of experience and knowledge to serve the community. 
Dr. Taimoorazy is triple board certified in Pain Medicine, Headache Medicine, and Anesthesiology. He is one of only seven interventional pain management anesthesiologists in the nation and the only one in the State of California that is also sub- specialized in the field of Headache Medicine by the United Council for Neurologic Subspecialties (UCNS). These unique trainings and qualifications allows for the most advanced, multidisciplinary and cutting edge management of not only all types of headache including migraines but also other types of chronic painful disorders including back , neck, and Knee pain.
 Dr. Taimoorazy is a Fellow of the American Headache Society (FAHS), an Elite member of THE LEADING PHYSICIANS OF THE WORLD organization and was recognized as one of the few top interventional pain management anesthesiologists in the nation. Being a faculty member at University of Illinois school of medicine, he is actively involved in research and education and has introduced some of the most novel and complex methods for the interventional management of headache, facial pain and other chronic painful disorders. These treatments can all be delivered in our state of the art facility right here in the heart of Beverly Hills with no need for referral to other institutions.

Beverly Hills Migraine and Pain Management Institute is committed to excellent patient care and providing cutting edge and highly advanced therapeutic interventional procedures to treat the most complex headache disorders and other chronic painful conditions.
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